What Does Satoshi Nakamoto Look Like? AI Gives Some Solutions

 What Does Satoshi Nakamoto Look Like? AI Gives Some Solutions

The best unanswered query in crypto (other than when will the U.S. create intelligible guidelines and rules) is: Who’s Satoshi Nakamoto? Whereas some have claimed to be the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin and others have had their lives turned upside down by media hypothesis, the thriller continues.

So I figured that now that AI seems to know and see all, perhaps it may give us a glimpse into what Satoshi might appear to be.

I began with ChatGPT4, which doesn’t generate photos however is the AI textual content engine that’s consuming the world nowadays. I requested it what immediate I ought to use for its sister AI, Dall-E. It really useful: “Generate a collection of creative renderings that think about the doable look of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin. Be happy to discover numerous types, ethnicities, and time durations whereas incorporating visible components associated to cryptocurrency and know-how within the illustrations.”

Cool, cool. I fed that into Midjourney, curious to see what would come out.

The primary one which popped out was a Jedi Knight, an Obi-Wan Kenobi-type character. Clearly, Midjourney has been watching an excessive amount of Star Wars:

The subsequent one seemed equally mythic:

However then it went on a special tangent and coughed up a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Dumbledore:

For some motive, all of those Nakamotos have beards, which is bizarre. Or perhaps that’s how Midjourney interpreted “mysterious?” No matter.

Subsequent, I fed that immediate into DALL-E and received this, which is certainly worthy of a T-shirt:

Then for giggles, I used the identical immediate however requested for a photograph:

WTF? Battahoch? Battahoch. Even ChatGPT4 was baffled: “I’m sorry, however I couldn’t discover any info on the time period ‘Battahoch.’ It may very well be a typo or a phrase from a fictional work, a selected subculture, or a time period that has not gained widespread recognition.”

However let’s not cease there. A thriving motion in Web3 says, “Satoshi is Feminine,” I requested Midjourney and Dall-E to think about what this mysterious lady may appear to be.

Positively mysterious in a form of Botticelli/Venus-y manner. And there have been two nearly anime-like remedies:

Some theories counsel that Nakamoto is a collective of individuals inquisitive about digital a refund within the days of the cypherpunks mailing record when Nakamoto first contacted Hal Finney about his new creation. Proponents of the “Satoshi is a gaggle of individuals” concept embody Finney, Blockstream CEO Adam Again, OG cryptographer Nick Szabo, and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin in that group. Suitably prompted, right here’s what the Satoshi Conglomerate appears like:

Wow, Lubin actually appears like Walter White.

Lastly, I attempted working the same old suspects by way of Playground, and what it produced was, properly, the stuff of unhealthy desires:

The truth is, I’m sorry I ever began down this path.

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