Podcast episode with Concordium CEO

The idea of identification is kind of a polarising one in cryptocurrency. Individuals overlook typically that Bitcoin grew out of a distinct segment nook of the Web, birthed from ultra-liberertarian beliefs with self-soverignety, anonymity and independence central to the thesis. 

After all, cryptocurrency has concerned past Bitcoin, and right now we now have quite a few completely different views and hundreds of tasks, some with comparable targets, some with differing ones. 

Concordium is a layer-1 blockchain undertaking which embeds encrypted ID into each transaction that happens on the community. That is intriguing as a result of it goes in opposition to what some pursits would describe as the unique Bitcoin imaginative and prescient. 

We sat down for a fast mini-podcast with Concordium CEO Lone Fonss Schroder to get extra of an perception into this, who says that “a variety of enterprise does materialise since you have no idea who you’re transacting with”, and asserts that this identification is important to achieve belief within the area.  

Different subjects akin to whether or not regulation is a optimistic factor (one other factor which will ship maxis right into a match), the strengths of decentralisation and the present market atmosphere have been mentioned, and whereas time constraints prevented Dan and Joe digging into Schroder’s solutions too deeply, they’ll be placed on the agenda for subsequent time.

Podcast could be listened to on Spotify here 

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